Hoop N Press Pads

We’ve expanded our line of Hoop N Press Pads!

New sizes for standard Baby Lock & Brother hoops have been added, including those larger hoops, more bundles for savings and Hoop N Press Pads for Janome, Viking and Pfaff hoops.

Get professional results with in the hoop projects and more using our Hoop N Press Pads.

Hoop N Press Pads have proven to be invaluable when working on the back side of the hoop during the creation of  ‘in the hoop’ designs. When the hoop is turned over and placed on top of the thick wool pad, support is provided for ironing, taping and trimming fabrics so as not to disturb the stabilizer. This produces a professional-looking finished project. The non- slip surface on the back side of the pads hold them in place while working on your projects.

Our Hoop N Press Pads are perfect for pressing appliques while still in the hoop. With the back side of your applique fabric facing up and the support of the pad underneath, the fusible on the back of the applique fabric can better be activated by the heat of an iron and pressed securely while still working on your project.

When embroidery stitches need to be removed, it’s best to do it while the item is still hooped and from the back side. With the hoop placed over the pad, you have the support needed to use a stitch remover tool to take out the stitches. This allows the stabilizer to remain perfectly hooped so you can continue with your project once the unwanted stitches have been removed.

The pads also make a convenient pressing station near your sewing and embroidery machines.

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Showing all 5 results