Needle Insert Tool


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Use our needle insert tool to make it easier to change the needle on your sewing or embroidery machines.

This insert tool provides a hole with a flat back to place your needle in the correct way.

With it’s long handle, you no longer have to fumble trying to use your fingers to hold the needle in place. The tool holds
the needle in the correct position allowing you to fully insert the needle into the needle clamp while tightening the needle screw.

This works great for removing needles from your machine as well. Just place the needle into the insert’s hole before loosening your needle screw and you won’t have to worry about your needle falling into the bobbin area of your machine.

It’s made of acrylic with Embroidery Garden’s logo engraved on it. Get one to put by every machine!

Not for use with round needles. This tool is designed for needles with a flat back.

Does not work on multi-needle machines