Elf Shoes and Belt


Stitch an adorable kitchen towel for the holidays


This is a super easy, quick project!

Turn an ordinary kitchen towel into an adorable holiday themed project.

Create a cute holiday towel with these in the hoop shoes and belt.
The belt holds the towel onto the handle of an oven or drawer.

Be creative and change up the colors for a Santa or Halloween themed towel too! (Note instructions are not included for these)
One of our samples also shows the shoes used as plant sticks! Just stuff and insert a small dowel rod then tie a bow at the end.

Design Info

Actual design file dimensions and formats included

  • The design files measure:
  • Shoe – 4.60″ x 6.46″
  • Belt – 1.59″ x 5.99″
  • PDF instructions

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