Trapunto Sunflower Mat Project


Project from the Create It Yourself Series


Learn the steps to create this stunning trapunto sunflower mat file yourself using My Design Center on your Brother Dream Machine 2 or Luminaire or IQ Designer on your Baby Lock Destiny 2 or Solaris.

This is not an embroidery file offered in common embroidery formats. These are instructions that take you step-by-step through how to create this design file yourself using your Dream Machine 2, Luminaire, Destiny 2 or Solaris machine. You must have one of the mentioned machines to complete this project. The instructions have specifically been written for these machines. It is your responsibility to know what you are purchasing. There are no refunds, returns on exchanges on this purchase. If you have questions, contact us before ordering. Read this entire page before ordering.

Use what you already have in your Dream Machine 2, Luminaire, Destiny 2 or Solaris to create this mat yourself using built in shapes, fills, line properties, etc in My Design Center/IQ Designer.

The finished mat measures 10.40″ (Luminaire/Solaris) or 9.40″ (Dream 2/Destiny 2) and has an envelope style back.

These instructions will show you how to create the sunflower using built in shapes, how to apply the fills, background and line properties. You will also learn how to easily create a file to use to apply a trapunto effect (raised) to the sunflower when stitching it out.

Following these step by step instructions will help you become familiar with My Design Center/IQ Designer that is a feature only on top of the line Brother or Baby Lock embroidery machines.

Download Info

This download includes a PDF with written step by step instructions for creating the file and stitching it out. When working in My Design Center/IQ Designer the files created within it and saved are .PM9 files. Those files, only readable by My Design Center/IQ Designer, are included. The final file ready for embroidery that is created when saved on the machine is a .PHX file (Luminaire/Solaris) .PHC (Dream Machine 2/Destiny 2). These files are included. They can be read by the mentioned machines and can be imported into some software programs.

.PM9, .PHX and .PHC are the only formats included.

Any questions should be sent to Us before ordering.