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Embroidery Garden has written several articles featured in DIME magazine.

Designs In Machine Embroidery magazine articles

Vol 77 - Nativity Flameless Tealight Covers Set, author Reen Wilcoxson

Vol 79 - Bunny Softies, author Reen Wilcoxson 

Vol 83 - Snowman Snowballs Set, author Reen Wilcoxson 

Vol 88 - Quilted Mirror Set, author Reen Wilcoxson 

Vol 92 - Citrus Coin Pouch, author Marie Zinno

Vol 93 - Flower from the Layered Mega Flower Set {page 62}

Vol 94 - Lullaby Blanket Babies (Lamb), author Reen Wilcoxson 

Vol 96 - In the Hoop Clutch Purse, author Marie Zinno

Vol 105 - Black Tie Zip Bags, author Debbie Henry

Vol 106 - Cord Wraps Set, author Reen Wilcoxson

Vol 107 - 3D Sparkly Snowman, author Reen Wilcoxson

Other articles & posts

Snowman Boots Towel - Eileen's Machine Embroidery Blog, author Marie Zinno

SCHMETZneedles digital magazine Issue # 40 


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