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Attend one of our hands on In the Hoop classes where you will stitch on top of the line embroidery machines and finish 3 (per day) fun & unique projects. 

You'll get tips and be inspired in a friendly relaxed atmosphere.

 Talk to your local dealer about having an Embroidery Garden class. If you're an interested store owner email Reen at to schedule your event. 

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2019 Events 

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Houston, TX

June 21 - 22

Tomorrow's Treasures

Crofton, MD

June 28th - 29th


San Antonio, TX

July 12th - 13th

Meissner Sewing

Sacramento, CA

July 19th-20th

July 21st-22nd

July 23rd-24th

Authorized Sew & Vac

Fresno, CA

July 26th or 27th


Evansville, IN

Aug 16th-17th

Thomas Sewing Center - with Carrie

Greenup, KY - Aug 16th

Lexington, KY - Aug 17th - 18th

Call 606-473-3540 to register

Quality Sewing

Bellevue, WA - Aug 19th - 20th

Olympia, WA - 22nd - 23rd


Creative Sewing - with Carrie

Mount Airy, NC

Sept 13th - 14th

Sew Dallas

Plano, TX

Sept 13th - 14th

Above & Beyond Sewing

Littleton, CO

Sept 27th & 28th


Sewing Machines Plus

San Marcos, CA

Nov 20-21

Sewing Machines Plus

Mission Bay, CA

Nov 23-34



6/2/219 - Prairie Quilt, Hennessey, OK

Just a note to tell you how much we appreciated Carrie coming to our shop.  Not only was she quite capable of the task she came to do, she was also a delight to work with.  Thank you again! Randa P.

3/19/19 - AAA Sewing, Lomita, CA

I just wanted to let you know what a superb job Merilee did at the in the hoop class at AAA sew and vac last weekend.  It was a lot of fun and I learned a lot more than I had known before.  She has a wonderful sense of humor but really was on spot with her instructions.  There were a few times that I felt sorry for her.  She was trying very hard to keep us all going at the same speed but some of the women were too busy yapping to listen to her.  It had to be frustrating for her but she never let it show.  If she ever comes back for another class I would definitely sign up.  Thank you, Mike D

1/27/19 - Flash Sew & Quilt, Naples, FL

I just have to say how great and easy to follow your instructions are for your ITH projects. I took a class from Marilee at Flash Quilt store In Naples FL and was paired with a very insistent person who only wanted to do the more involved type projects. I didnt want to cause a riff so I let her. I was so worried that I wasnt going to be able to replicate the projects with the kits I got to bring home. I just got my Solaris two days ago and yesterday sat down and within 45 minutes I had my Sewing Caddy finished! Today I will do the others. I will be getting more of your projects knowing that because of the great teacher Marilee R is and your precise easy to follow instructions are I have such confidence I will be able to do them. If Port Charlotte wasnt so far away I would be going to the class up there in Feb just so I could learn from Marilee again!

Sandra P.

1/20/19 - Linda Z's, Arlington Hts, IL

If you are on the fence about signing up for one of Reen's events, jump off that fence! I just attended my first ever embroidery event and of course it had to be one of Reen's! Reen is the nicest most down to earth person you will ever meet! The class projects are wonderful (couldn't wait to get my hands on that notebook cover that is a class exclusive) and Reen works with the class to ensure success.

So what are you waiting for? Look at her class schedule and sign up. Today! What are you waiting for, run over and do it now! 


-shout out to Linda Z's in Arlington Heights for hosting this fabulous event!



MaryAnn C.










1/5/19 - Dothan Sewing, Dothan, AL

Hi Reen 
We had the pleasure of attending the Embroidery Garden event in Dothan, AL this week.
It was the best embroidery event I have attended, by far. Told Marilee that she has ruined me for any other events! Appreciated the program being about embroidery, creative growth and completing practical, useful items over the two days.
She educated us to the benefits of the EG products without being pushy. Attendees eagerly bought projects because they understood the quality of the digitizing and no show seams. I was happy to add the two kitchen sets and the Relax projects. Can”t wait to make the smaller bow bag, mirror cover and manicure set holder for my 4 granddaughters. They will love them.
Marilee said she would be happy to come back to Dothan ... we are going to hold her to it ... as well as Jim Woodham. 
We had 50 attendees. Great feedback heard during the breaks. The attendees appreciate how the class is about the attendees and their needs.
Thanks so much for your program structure and having knowledgeable and personable instructors. Can’t wait to attend the next one!
D. Freeman