Meet the Embroidery Garden Educators

Carrie Cunningham

Carrie began sewing when she was 11 years old and has been quilting since 2007.  She tried embroidery in 2008 and was immediately hooked. She is the owner of Endless Dzns by Carrie, which is a custom garment and accessory business that she started in 2007.

She loves using photos and drawings of garments to bring them to life for her customers and family members.

Along with her passion for sewing and embroidery, she also loves to teach both beginner and intermediate classes. She began teaching sewing classes in 2008. Since then, she has taught numerous private classes as well as group classes. Carrie has started online sewing classes. You can sign up for them here

Carrie lives in Schaumburg, IL and is the proud Mom of 2 adult Daughters and 6 wonderful Grandchildren.


Marilee Reuter

Marilee took the long way around to find a career in embroidery.  She is an US Air Force veteran and retired Air Force civilian.

Marilee started looking at commercial embroidery machines about 10 years ago, but never purchased one.  She says she was always intrigued by embroidery and personalized items, probably because she could never find her name on anything.  She bought her first embroidery machine from her sister about four years ago, when her sister upgraded. Once Marilee discovered In the Hoop designs, she immediately realized she needed a bigger hoop! She now is the proud owner of four machines.

During her Air Force career, Marilee taught safety and security classes, so teaching embroidery classes seemed like the next logical step and it’s a dream come true!  She is excited to share her love of embroidery and In the Hoop designs with you!

Marilee lives in O’Fallon, IL and is the proud mom of 6 sons, with two still at home and a doting grandmother of six (five boys and finally a girl)!

Tammy Burnett Madden

Tammy started sewing as a teenager and found she was interested in quilting, but she stopped sewing as she left her teens.  She stayed busy with work and being an Air Force wife, but she always thought she would eventually get back to sewing. 

When Tammy’s first son was born, he was a micro preemie and needed all of Tammy’s attention.  As he progressed, Tammy sewed items for him and later she sewed for her daughter and youngest son.  As her kids got older, she finally found time for her first sewing love – quilting!  Tammy became more focused on learning to quilt.  There was something about watching a quilt come together, the dream becoming something you can see and touch.
About four years ago Tammy decided to buy a new sewing machine and decided on a sewing only machine.  As she went through the machine classes at her dealer, Tammy kept thinking about the sewing and embroidery machines she would see at the store.  Within 30 days of purchasing her new ‘sewing’ machine Tammy traded up!  Her new machine was sewing and embroidery machine! 
Tammy still quilts and has discover vinyl, but she loves putting together In the Hoop embroidery designs.  
Tammy and her family live in Trenton Illinois, where her family settled once her husband retired from the Air Force.
Tammy and Marilee live near each other and frequently attend sewing, quilting and embroidery classes and events together.  They traveled to attend three Embroidery Garden events within a year and became totally hooked on Reen’s designs!